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A Trip to Disneyland | River Way Ranch Camp

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A Trip to Disneyland

Posted by March 13, 2012

A couple weekends back Kinder, Sushi and Sparkle took Mahoney’s son, Tyler aka Tank, on a weekend adventure to Disneyland. The four had an absolute blast! They left early Saturday morning to get a full day in at the park. Tyler kept the girls company on the ride down, spotting the trains that were chugging and resting along the 99 freeway – Thomas the Train has taught Tyler lots :). Once they made it safely to Disneyland, Tyler requested they ride Dumbo first. Kinder, Sushi, Sparkle and Tyler went from ride to ride enjoying Winnie the Pooh, Tyler’s favorite, Buzz Lightyear, and many more. Tyler even made it till the evening to enjoy the firework show! They couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and a better travel partner! Thanks for joining us Tyler, we can’t wait for our next weekend adventure!