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A College Update from Avalanche | River Way Ranch Camp

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A College Update from Avalanche

Posted by October 06, 2011

We received an update from Avalanche about how she is enjoying her first few weeks of college!  Avalanche is in her freshmen year at UC Merced and is currently undeclared but interested in Social Sciences.  She says that entering college has to be one of the most liberating and exhilarating mile stones she have come to cross in her life.  Brittani, her roommate, is like her co-counselor and the dorm was like her bunk.  During the first night, they attended a school-sponsored Block Party, which is where they met their group of friends.  Avalanche says her favorite class psychology because her professor is amazing– and he throws out candy!  She is having a great time and says the best part about college is the ice cream machine is open until 11pm! 🙂

 Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best of luck at UC Merced.