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2014 Hiring Workshop | River Way Ranch Camp

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2014 Hiring Workshop

Posted by March 27, 2014

Our motto at camp is “Memories And Friendships To Last A Lifetime”. Summer after summer campers go home ranting and raving about their summer experience. There always seems to be one common denominator…THE COUNSELORS!

With over 5,000 applicants every year applying for the coveted role of being a River Way counselor, we have our hands full when it comes to selecting the perfect counselor for your child.

1450062_10203526138697277_924497160_n (1)This past weekend, the full time staff invited over 50 applicants, each already pre-screened and interviewed, to take part in our yearly hiring workshop. Applicants arrived Friday night and departed Sunday afternoon. The weekend was full of get-to-know-you games, ice breakers, skits, one-on-one interviews, and of course no camp function would be complete without it, a talent show!

What was even more amazing was the fact that over 16 of our leadership staff also attended the workshop, voluntarily, to weigh in on the selection process. The weekend could not have happened without them!

Our leadership staff and counseling staff are nearly complete! Stay tuned and keep checking our staff page for new additions.

Watch this video we showed the potential applicants. It gave them an idea of what the summer will be like should they get hired.