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Staff Profiles – River Way Ranch Camp

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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles



Meet the staff for the 2017 camp season!

Check back often as we add more and more friendly faces.

General Counselor
Hometown: Ocean Grove, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Anything sport related, adventure activities, reading, creative writing and binge watching teen dramas.
Little known Fact: I have an ineffable fear of jelly


Auberry (Full Time)
 Administrative Assistant
Hometown: Sanger, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Photography, Outdoors, Hiking, Baking, Spending Time with my family
Little known Fact: I am so clean and tidy I have an eye for noticing when something has been moved ever so slightly.

General Counselor
Hometown: Montclair, CA
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Outdoors etc., Writing, History, International Relations
Little known Fact: I like to sing and rap.


 General Counselor
Hometown: Folsom, CA.
Years at camp: 10 years as a camper, 1 year as a CIT, 1st Year as a General Counselor.
Interests: Basketball, Snowboarding and Football.
Little known Fact: I Played Golf in High School.


Bam Bam
General Counselor
Gold Coast, Australia
Years at camp: 
2nd Year!
Netball, the beach, anything in the sun, eating Mexican food.
Little known Fact:
I come from a family with 9 brothers and sisters and somehow we all manage to get along…. Most the time.

 Camp Mom
Hometown: Kent, United Kingdom
Years at camp: 3rd Year!
Interests: I only have three interests; High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, and High School Musical 3.
Little known Fact: I learned how to drive a boat before I had learned how to drive a car.

General Counselor
Hometown: Portrush, Northern Ireland
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Sports
Little known Fact: I have represented both Northern Ireland and Ireland at National Athletics competitions.

General Counselor
Hometown: Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Surfing, swimming, SUPping (stand up paddle boarding), fashion and laughing. There will always be a smile on this dial!
Little known Fact: I am double jointed in both shoulders.


Associate Camp Director/ Director of River Way Family Camp
Hometown: New York City (Currently Los Angeles)
Years at camp:8 years (6 as Film School Director); 12 years Family Camp
Interests: Psychology; Sports; Film (writing & producing); Good TV, Great food!
Little known Fact: I saw the Beatles live in concert at Shea Stadium and years later saw Jimi Hendrix at the Filmore. Some things you never forget.



General Counselor
Hometown: Derby, England
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests:I love sports! All kinds. I have done horse riding ever since I was little and have my own horse. I also love netball. I love going on holiday, travelling and going new places.
Little known Fact: I have represented Great Britain in horse riding in a sport called horseball!



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Cleveland, QLD Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests:Anything that is outdoors and adventurous! I love paddleboarding with my dog, surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and hiking mountains to find waterfalls! And I love to have a good boogie!
Little known Fact: I looove chocolate and when I was little I was only allowed to have some once I had done all my chores for the week! But once when Mum and Dad noticed some chocolate was missing I fessed up and said, “I was balancing the chocolate on my teeth and it just fell in my mouth!” I didn’t get in trouble because they thought it was hilarious!


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Toowoomba, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Watching movies, filming, hanging out with family and friends, trying new foods
Little known Fact: When I was younger I was kissed by a camel, which is good luck in some parts of the world.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Years at camp: 7 years as a Camper, 1 year as a CIT & 1st Year as a counselor!
Interests: I love fishing, traveling, trying exotic foods, being around animals, and doing anything outdoors!
Little known Fact: I once had an earwig stuck in my ear for an entire day!


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Jewelry making, media production, playing netball, swimming and being active
Little known Fact: Love being adventurous and having fun


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Litchfield, CA
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Running, Triathlons, Wake boarding, Water Skiing, Hiking, Football, Baseball, Swimming, Tubing.
Little known Fact: I traveled to Australia for a track and field competition.



Derby (Full Time)

Position: Assistant Director
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: I love cooking and trying new recipes, hiking, swimming, water polo, and searching through tide pools!
Little known Fact: I can say “I love you” in 10 different languages


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: I like anything having to do with Disney/Animation/Comic Books. Drawing, Singing, and Dancing are also great. Then swimming is the best!
Little known Fact: On long car rides home (or to anywhere really) I read signs/remember cartoon episodes and do the voices for the characters. I also know a lot of Disney songs!

Dory (Full Time) 

Position: Enrollment Director
Hometown: Sanger, CA
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: The ocean, camping, family and swimming
Little known Fact: I have read the dictionary front to back




Position: Waverunner Director
Hometown: Wollong, Australia
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Jet skiing, surfing, and really anything that is on or around the water
Little known Fact: When I am starting a race, I will always have a little dance and have a joke with the person next to me

El Niño

Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Soccer, Playing FIFA, Hanging out with friends and family, Going to the movies, Eating
Little known Fact: I am a tour guide at the University of Redlands so I am really good at talking fast and walking backwards at the same time.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: I love waterskiing and enjoy an adrenaline rush! I love festivals and have an interest in creating time-lapses. I always enjoying hanging out with friends and love having fun!
Little known Fact:I went to the biggest boarding school in Australia. In year 9, we trained all year to run 29km (Half marathon) and on weekends we went hiking up mountains.


Position: Junior Counselor
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Years at camp: 2 years as a camper, 2 years as a CIT, 1s year as a Junior Counselor!
Interests: Movies, Music, Traveling, Scuba Diving, Laughing Uncontrollably, and Making Others Laugh Uncontrollably.
Little known Fact: My dad and his three older brothers were all campers, CIT’s, and Counselors at Riverway in the 70’s and 80’s!



Position: Canteen
Hometown: Ocean Grove, CA
Years at camp: 9 Years Camper, 3 years Kitchen, 3rd year Canteen!!
Interests: Nintendo. Pokemon will always be bae. Foxes. Performing arts, marching band (7 years of it)
dancing, drama. Disney. And Music! I can guarantee I can sing almost any song you know.
Little known Fact: I was in charge of all the music during the events in high school.




Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Wyoming, NSW, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Pretty much any physical activity or sport, especially Aussie Rules and Cricket, going on adventures and spending time outdoors, adrenaline pumping activities, socialising with friends.
Little known Fact: I’ve run an AFL footy clinic for prisoners in a South African prison as part of their rehabilitation.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Stockton-On-Tees, England
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Travelling, Family, Ice- Skating, Kung Fu, Reading, Benedict Cumberbatch, I am also obsessed with Yorkshire Tea and Ginger biscuits!

Little known Fact: I have had a figure skating lesson from Robin Cousins; British former competitive figure skater and the 1980 Olympic champion.


Position: Activity Quality Assurance/Staff Development Director
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Years at camp: 7th year River Way, 3 years Outdoor Ed.
Interests: Huge Sneakerhead, Love sports specially basketball (Lakers)
I love going on adventures and trying out new things!
Little known Fact: I will put BBQ sauce on literally anything!! I’m also Tri-Lingual

Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Chico, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Cosmology/Astronomy, nature, stargazing, civil discourse, running, hiking, cooking, traveling to and exploring places I’ve never been to.
Little known Fact: I have 3 twin siblings.

Position: General Counselor
Hometown: London, England
Years at camp: 3rd Year!
Interests: All sports activities, drama and food.
Little known Fact: I eat a lot but never gain weight!



Position: Evening Program Coordinator.
Hometown:Cameron Park, Ca
Years at camp: 3rd Year!
Interests: Laughing, bacon, puppies, hiking, boating, and Netflix.
Little known Fact: Pepperoni pizza is my best friend. Ketchup is a close second.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Years at camp: 7 years at camp, 1 year CIT, 1st year General Counselor!
Interests: I love animals, I have an obsession with chickens, I love taking naps, I love music, singing, and playing the piano!
Little known Fact: One time I switched classes with my twin for an entire day and nobody noticed.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Traveling, cats, sloths, music, yoga, singing, perfecting the art of marshmallow roasting and anything outdoorsy – I’m always up for an adventure.
Little known Fact: When I was little, I went everywhere dressed as Snow White and I would always take little statues of the Seven Dwarves along with me – I never lost a single one.



Position: Staff Support
Hometown: Boulder Creek, CA
Years at camp: 18th Year!
Interests: Judo, snowboarding, camping, water sports, reading, chemistry, biology, politics, math … just to name a few.
Little known Fact: I almost died when I was five. It wasn’t a funny story back then, but now it is! Ask me about it.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Torquay, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Music, Guitar, Swiming, BMX, Skateboarding, Photography and Filming/Editing.
Little known Fact: I went a year without sleeping in my bedroom.


Position: General Counselor, Lifeguard
Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Photography, Talking, Telling Dad Jokes, Embarrassing myself.
Little known Fact: I Have a really bad habit of catching birds when I go on fishing trips


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: I love the ocean, animals, nature, hiking, music, art, dancing, horse back riding, reading; and those are just a few.
Little known Fact: So at first sight the first thin
g that people notice about me is that I am short, I am 4’8, but what a lot of people don’t know that I am actually considered a legal midget.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Oakley, California
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Being outside, Eating fries, Movies, Smelling every candle in the candle aisle at target, Playing with my dog, “Bronson.”
Little known Fact: I know how to say “cool like a crazy banana” in Swahili.

Nani (Full Time)

Position: Ranchero Girls Division Leader
Hometown: Malibu, California
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Movies (most),
Little known Fact: I am terrified of cotton balls, they gross me out.



Position: Nurses Aid
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: Being with my family, making friends, taking pictures, playing sports, eating food, traveling, trying new things and NAPPING.
Little known Fact: My family is from Mexico and I’m fluent in Spanish. I also have 28 animals at home!



Position: Canteen Manager
Hometown:Squaw Valley, Ca
Years at camp: 6th year!
Interests: Sheep, outdoors, family, my dog khleo, cats, hanging out with my besties, audio books, love everything Disney, EATING!
Little known Fact: Apparently, I don’t laugh; I cackle.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown:Santa Clarita, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Teaching elementary school, volunteering, listening to podcasts, reading, and singing to Billy Joel!
Little known Fact: I reread the Harry Potter series once (sometimes twice) a year.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Swimming, Surf Life Saving, Snorkelling, Outdoor Adventure, Meeting new People, Superhero Movies!!!
Little known Fact: I’ve jumped out of a plane at 14000 feet alone with my own parachute



Position: Buckaroo Division Leader
Hometown: Portland, OR
Years at camp: 3rd year staff, 3 years as a CIT and 5 years as a camper!
Interests: Baby bunnies, frolicking through the fields, everything and anything dinosaur-related, being overwhelmingly silly
Little known Fact: I am incapable of walking in a straight line.



Position: Program Assistant
Hometown: Corning, CA
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: I love music, pizza, and being outdoors. I’m a dog person and I am absolutely obsessed with French bulldogs.
Little known Fact: I get the hiccups after laughing A LOT.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Years at camp: 3rd year on staff, 2 Years as a CIT!
Interests: I enjoy traveling, meeting new cultures and new people. I love being outside, any activity involving water, sports, dancing, and listening to any kind of music!
Little known Fact: I have visited over 30 different countries! I love trying new dishes. When I was in japan I got to eat jellyfish!


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Bendigo, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Waterskiing, kneeboarding, DOGS, keeping fit, netball, DOGS, foooooood, summer!
Little known Fact: I can lick my elbow and I have an irregular heartbeat.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Yoga, Dance, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and learning how to do new things!
Little known Fact: I can eat my weight in peanut butter!





Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Fresno, Ca
Years at camp: 2nd year as a General Counselor, 3 Years at ODE!
Interests: Tennis, dodgeball, beach volleyball, innertube water polo, camping, juggling, playing guitar, and food.
Little known Fact: I love California so much that I’ve never travelled outside of it!



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV.
Years at camp: 3rd year as a general counselor, 5 years as a camper!
Interests: Sports, hiking, swimming, traveling, and anything fun!
Little known Fact: I’ve never had an omelette in my life!


Position: Ropes Course Director
Hometown: Sanger, CA
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Ultimate frisbee, running, biking, board games.
Little known Fact: I daydream what it would be like to be able to fly.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Being active, Rugby and Drawing
Little known Fact: I speak Spanish!


Slopoke (Full Time)

Position: Staff Recruitment Director
Hometown: Wonder Valley, California
Years at camp: 11th year on staff, 15 years as a camper!
Interests: I love being a ropes challenge course practitioner, graphic and floor plan design, working with kids, BBQ-ing, nature, and singing.
Little known Fact: I have copy-written albums of my original music, and aired on local radio stations.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: Animals, fashion, health and fitness, the outdoors, writing
Little known Fact: My pets are my best friends/soulmates.





Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Years at camp: 2 years a CIT, 1st year as a Counselor.
Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, crazy science experiments, hammocking, playing with animals, exploring, and making people laugh!
Little known Fact: I own over 103 different pairs of socks!




Sparky (Full Time)

Position: Camp Director
Hometown: Fresno, California
Years at camp: 10 years as a camper, 14 years on staff!
Interests: Being a mom is the best! Spending time at the lake is a close second 🙂
Little known Fact: I named my daughter after a contestant on The Bachelor.


Position: Ranchero Division Leader
Hometown: Clovis, CA
Years at camp: 5th year!
Interests: Swimming and Water Polo
Little known Fact: I am the fastest Person in the water at River Way Ranch Camp.


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests:Horse Riding, Art, Films, Seeing the world!!
Little known Fact: I’ve been a vegetarian since aged 7 as I was so stubborn I refused to eat meat.



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Puppies, Frozen Yoghurt, Traveling, Imagining, Exploring
Little known Fact: Once fell off a ski lift and lived to tell the tale!


Position: Film School Director
Hometown: Waco, Texas
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Cinematography, satire, and Where the Wild Things Are.
Little known Fact: When working out, I enjoy running to ‘Hamilton the Musical’ and the artist ‘Diplo’.



Position: General Counselor, Lifeguard
Hometown: Manchester, England
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Though I’m not from the West Coast I tan like a California roll. Don’t care much for sushi though, seaweed is a plant unfit for human consumption. I don’t ask you to munch on grass, now do I? In my spare time, I like practicing my American driving skills.
Little known Fact:Sunshine is my twin, we were separated at birth and meet 2 years ago at Riverway!


Position: Full Time Ski Lead
Hometown: Folsom, California
Years at camp: 6th year!
Interests: Harry Potter, baseball, boating, country music, wakeboarding, singing in my car.
Little known Fact: The first time I was at Riverway, I was three months old.

Tea Chi

Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: Running, jumping, martial arts, cooking, flying kites, and playing my water polo.
Little known Fact: I once won an Oreo cookie eating contest and finished a whole package in 5 min. No milk….(ok just kidding there was a sufficient amount of milk involved …)




the-oneThe One

Position: Lazer Tag Director & Paintball Director
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Years at camp: 10th year!
Interests: Modeling, Snowboarding, Martial arts, Paintballing, Video Gaming, Living and Loving Life!
Little known Fact: I may not talk much sometimes but I love to listen… When Chuck Norris jumps into water he doesn’t get wet the water gets chuck


Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Hanford, CA
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: Playing music, playing ukulele, anime, superheroes, watching Netflix, laying in my hammock, laughing till I cry
Little known Fact: When I was a baby I fell into a trash can and no one could find me for a whole hour


Position: Arts & Crafts Director
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: My adorable 2 yr old son Mason, spending time with my growing and loving family, watching re-runs of “Friends” & “How I Met Your Mother”, camping, Netflix, and last but not least CRAFTING.
Little known Fact: I LOVE spicy food! I love it so much that this one day, I made my husband take me to one of my favorite restaurants, which was 2.5 hours away, just to eat some very spicy Cajun shrimp. After we finished we came back home. It was DELICIOUS and worth it.


Position: Camp Mom
Hometown: Hanford, CA
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Traveling, playing Legos with my son, repurposing furniture.
Little known Fact: I’ve been a uni-cycle rider since I was 4!


Position: Ski Director
Hometown: Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: camping, swimming, and pole vault.
Little known Fact: I have a medal for saving three lives when i was in the 4th grade.



Position: Mail Room, Bunk Inspection, Ropes Course Staff, Roving Counselor
Hometown: Hanover, PA
Years at camp: 3rd year!
Interests: Making friendship bracelets, drawing
Little known Fact: The leap of faith is my favorite ropes course activity at camp!



Position: General Counselor
Hometown: Seattle, Washington.
Years at camp: 1st year!
Interests: All sports, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, pretty much anything with water, competitive, outdoors, or adventurous.
Little known Fact: Until I was 4 I was so terrified of the sound of the waves that I would pee on anyone who brought me too close to the ocean.



Position: General Counselor, Lifeguard
Hometown: Rocklin, California
Years at camp: 2nd year!
Interests: Painting, Playing softball, Traveling and hanging out with good pals
Little known Fact: I played around with some dog shampoo and ended up dying my dogs fur pink. It lasted a whole year!




Position: General Counselor, Class B Driver
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Getting lost in new places, spontaneous adventures, Anything nerdy or geeky, Anime, Harry Potter( I will drop anything I’m doing for a Harry Potter marathon…seriously anything), singing as if I actually can, Weeping angels, the color green, science, sleeping,reading,sleeping
Little known Fact: I have been peed on my face by a Tiger…ya I said it …in the face by a tiger


Position: Photographer
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Years at camp: 2nd Year!
Interests: My interest include dance, anything Disney, movies, youtube.
Little known Fact: I can say my ABC’s backwards.