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Covid 19- FAQs & Updates | River Way Ranch Camp

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Covid 19- FAQs & Updates

Covid 19- FAQs & Updates



Last Updated: May 18, 2020


Q: Will camp happen this summer?

A: In our 54 years of operation, we have always adhered to the highest standards when it comes to health and hygiene at camp, including our health screening process with an onsite RN and MD, hand washing throughout each day at camp, and isolation of campers or staff exhibiting symptoms of illness. Guidelines continue to be released, influencing our decisions regarding our ability to operate camp, while supporting the highest quality program your family deserves. 

Based on current shelter-in-place orders and the fact that we are still working with our Local Health Department, reviewing the Guidelines released from the American Camp Association,  we have made the heart-wrenching decision to cancel Sessions 1, 1A, and 2. (June 14-July 11th). We know that camp serves as a positive, often life-changing, experience for children, which is why we continue to remain cautiously optimistic that we will still be able to operate Sessions 3 & 4 (July 12-August 8th). 

We understand this is a challenging year for all, and we are making every effort to minimize the amount of campers who will be disappointed. For this reason, we have added a new, one-week session. Session 5 will run from August 9th-August 15th.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: We understand the uncertainty of summer travel and activities due to the COVID-19 virus, and we don’t want to create any unnecessary stress for our camp families. For this reason, we remain committed to honoring full refunds to anyone with a reservation in camp and have removed our refund deadline entirely. We hope parents will stay on board with us despite the uncertainty, knowing that there is no added financial risk to keeping your camper registered for this summer.  If your child’s session is cancelled or should you decide to cancel on your own, you will be sent a form to complete. We know this is a challenging time for all, and we are no exception. If you are in a position to roll your tuition over to 2021, it would help us tremendously and be sincerely appreciated.  We have had many families from Session 1 and 2 already guarantee their spot for 2021 by rolling their tuition over. 

Q: When is the final payment due? When are forms due?

A: Families will receive their final invoice two weeks prior to the start of their session. We are also asking that parents be sure to submit all required camp forms at this time.

Session 3: Due by June 28th, 2020

Sessions 4, 4A and 4B: Due by July 12th, 2020

Session 5: Due by July 26th, 2020

Q: What operational changes may there be?

A: Transparently, we know this summer will look different from our previous summers, should we be allowed to operate. We will be releasing more information regarding operational modifications as they become available. We are currently assessing every aspect of our operation, including bus transportation, activity signups, sleeping arrangements, and more.We are closely monitoring the development of the American Camp Association’s field guide, developed in accordance with the CDC, Environmental Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please continue to check updates to this page for additional information. 

Q: How can we help River Way Ranch Camp? Do you accept donations?

A:  River Way Ranch Camp is a family owned and operated business. Our 3rd generation is currently running many aspects of our business, guided by the 2nd generation, who ran the business for more than 40 years. As with so many others, we have been unable to take in revenue since March 2nd. We are eternally grateful to those who have reached out to make additional donations. Any funds we can take in, will assist us in keeping our staff on, once PPP runs out next month,  to continue to working on the revised training of our staff, bunking adaptations and additional PPE required to operate, supply orders, and much more. 

Q: Is there a chance you will offer a family vacation opportunity in some of the weeks not occupied by River Way summer campers?

A. We have been discussing the possibility of offering family vacation at our facility, Wonder Valley Resort and Conference Center (home to River Way Ranch Camp). We currently do have permission to operate as a hotel, with each family taking a guest room. Families may be able to enjoy many of the guest attractions, while socially distancing, from other families, and participating with family members. Examples of activities that may be offered include: horseback riding, ropes course, 3 pools, fishing, paddle boarding, and much more. The full extent of what we are able to offer will be determined by the Resort staff and the local Health Department, adhering to all safety guidelines as published by the Environmental Health & Engineering, once Phase 2 has fully opened. Please check back for more information as it becomes available.

Q: How can I stay updated?

A: We will continue to post regular updates to this page. We will also email our enrolled families directly.


Thank you, once again, for your patience and support.