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Sparkle and Squirrlee Travel to Australia! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Sparkle and Squirrlee Travel to Australia!

Posted by February 23, 2012

On January 27th, Squirrlee and Sparkle headed to Australia to hire counseling staff for Summer 2012! They spent their first couple days (while recovering from jet lag :)) reuniting with Counselor Skip and touring around the Brisbane area with his wonderful parents. Once the job fairs kicked off so did the speed of the trip. They met up with current and past staff in each city they stopped. In Brisbane they saw recently married Gavin, Fez, and Skip. Then they headed to Melbourne for another job fair and were able to see Neo, Girt, Strider, Polo, Percy, Diggles, Flimsy, Splat, Maui, and Radar. And then they finished hiring in Sydney and were able to catch up with Joey, Moos,Bubbles, Luna and Choco. They were so grateful to have so many staff members offer to help with hiring at the job fairs. In total, Squirrlee and Sparkle hired 13 incredible staff members and they can’t wait for them to arrive in camp and for everyone to meet them!