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River Way London

Posted by February 03, 2011

Four days and a jam packed 96 hour agenda later, Mahoney and Squirrlee have returned to River Way after a very successful trip to the UK. They were greeted by none other than Fox himself after flying 11 ½ hours to London. They traveled from London to Derby to Sheffield to Chesterfield to Leeds, and to about 6 other towns throughout the UK.

Their trip included meeting and hiring some of our new and wonderful international staff for this coming 2011 summer, reuniting with our UK staff from past summers at our first River Way London event, meeting new campers who will be joining us all the way from London this summer, and of course exploring and site seeing the beautiful cities of the UK.

It was great meeting such enthusiastic and awesome new counselors as well as catching up with our good friends, BishopJukeboxPoshElmoTickleDeuce, and Shooter.

Now we are off to San Diego for a National ACA Conference…….
Stayed tuned, Mahoney and Squirrlee