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How To Play Paintball

Posted by June 17, 2014

When a child asks their parents if they can play paintball, their first instinct might be to say no because they assume it’s a dangerous sport. Did you know, though, that paintball is actually safer to play than most other sports? Insurance statistics have revealed that paintballing has fewer injuries per exposure than sports like tennis, golf, and even bowling. Before you deny your child’s request to partake in a competitive game of paintball, you should know that players make sure to wear the right gear in order to prevent any injuries. Masks are worn at all times, there is no blind firing allowed, and every game allows surrenders. Playing a game of paintball is actually beneficial for children in order to develop strategizing skills, comradery, and agility. There are summer camps for teens that specialize in teaching them the skills needed to excel in paintballing. For more information on paintball camps in California, contact us at River Way Ranch Camp, or for an in-depth look at the world of paintballing, reference our helpful infographic.

How To Play Paintball

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