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Posted by November 28, 2010

River Way is GLOBAL

After River Way’s summer came to a close, Choco headed to Whistler, Canada to kick-off the winter season.
Choco wrote in the other day… I wanted to spread some camp love. I started my new job today for the mountain and I was talking to one of the Aussie girls working with me, I told her I worked at summer camp and she said she did as well. I asked what camp she went to and she said one in Fresno, California. A big smile crossed my face and I asked if it was River Way. She looked at me shocked and asked me how I knew. I told her I have worked there for 3 years she was there the year before I started. Her name is Mel, I think her camp name was Miss Ozzie. Small world isn’t it.Hope all is well can’t wait till camp starts!
 — Choco —
Thanks for sharing Choco, we miss you! – Campers and counselors feel free to write in and share your stories!