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Bageera Rules

Posted by December 12, 2010

Bageera headed off to Cardiff, Wales for 4 weeks of travel and fun! He is roaming the streets of London for a week, making sure to see all the major sights! Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge… he is seeing it ALL. He drove through Robin Hood’s stomping grounds in Nottingham and met up with our good friend Bishop! He spent a day seeing where Bishop grew up and even walked the street corner where Bishop had his first kiss. Bishop and Bags then headed north to visit Jordi, a River Way Counselor favorite from Summer 2009. The three amigos went to a Newcastle v. Chelsea Futbol match and had a blast! Now Bageera is back in Cardiff and is heading to Stonehenge soon. He is enjoying his time in the UK, and is trying to catch up with as many camp people possible!

 Thanks for writing in Bageera, travel safely!